CredSimple Rebrands as andros; Launches New Proprietary Data Platform to Digitally Transform the Healthcare Industry

September 15, 2020

Born out of its strategic acquisition of Glenridge Health, andros is the first all-in-one network provider management solution for the healthcare industry

NEW YORK, NY—(PRNewswire)—CredSimple, a provider network management solution, today announced the launch of andros, its new corporate brand identity, which represents the union of CredSimple and Glenridge Health which took place January of this year. andros is an industry-first, all-in-one solution that provides healthcare organizations unprecedented access to a deep pool of data that enables greater efficiency and optimization within their networks. The platform provides a streamlined and comprehensive approach to powering network development and network management lifecycles, which includes recruiting, contracting, credentialing, and directory management. 

With over 30% of total healthcare expenditures in the United States accounted for by administrative costs, the need for digital tools and insights to reduce man hours and create efficiencies has never been more critical. The andros next-generation technology enables a customizable and adaptable approach to network development and credentialing, stripping the process of inefficiencies and errors to make networks agile, compliant, and competitive at every stage of their operation. 

“We’re continuing to push boundaries in the healthcare industry,” said, Mike Simmons, Founder & CEO of andros. “We were the first company to start enhancing the provider network management experience through the cloud and define new industry standards for automated credentialing. Our new name and positioning will help us reinforce our continued mission of enabling healthcare companies to digitally transform their entire networks.”

The new-to-market andros technology leverages technology, data-enabled learnings, and an AI powered process to help clients execute national credentialing needs with less than two people and in less than seven days, addressing a key component of healthcare administration. The platform also offers clients a streamlined and transparent tool to build, expand, and manage complex networks of providers; in the past 18 months, the company has used their expertise to complete network builds in 35 states.

“Health plans and innovative providers are demanding more technology enabled solutions that can address their heightened compliance and regulatory needs,” said Brad Sloan, Managing Partner at Questa Capital. “andros has developed a powerful SaaS platform that is providing a new standard for the industry in addressing these complexities and meaningfully improving the entire process for provider network management. We are enthusiastic about the power of the new integrated technology platform, the team that has been assembled to tackle these industry challenges, and the long-term potential of the company.”

andros was developed as the only solution for the needs of the healthcare company of today, helping satisfy all provider network management requirements and the ability to build provider networks in one place. The company has established successful networks for all health plan products including commercial, Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid (MCOs), Duals (MMP), LTSS/HCBS, ISNP and DSNP and specialty networks including dental, behavioral, and telehealth. Today, over 75 healthcare organizations, including three of the five largest payers in the country, and multiple enterprise-level telehealth companies, rely on andros to build and manage their provider networks.

The new andros brand aligns with the company’s vision of bringing this same experience and performance to every administrative touchpoint for all healthcare organizations, and better reflects the depth of the technology core to its mission. This mission also shines through in andros’ new branding, which is flexible, customizable, and configurable; characteristics that can also be found within the core of the andros brand structure.

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About andros

andros (formerly CredSimple) is the healthcare industry’s first singular solution that combines rich data and AI to power provider network management. Its data-driven solutions service every facet of the healthcare industry, from national health plans to government institutions or emerging markets like telehealth. With the nation’s richest resource of provider data, andros digitally transforms provider network management and helps healthcare organizations build and manage the strongest provider networks imaginable.

Founded in 2013, andros is a portfolio company of Questa Capital, Windham Venture Partners, and Primary Ventures. Learn more at